About Us

SoHive is a social video app which offers drop-in, global, video sessions that enable you to spontaneously connect with hundreds of people. SoHive offers both Open and Group Hives (drop-in video sessions). Each Hive can support up to 100 attendees.

Open Hives are sessions without a specified topic, whereas Group Hives are focused on specific interests people share.

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Group categories have one Open Hive each,
and include the following Hives:

Sports (football, soccer, basketball, fishing)

Entrepreneur (Start-ups/Entrepreneurs, Taxes, Marketing)

Travel (Virtual Tours, Photography)

Animals (Pets, Safari, Birding)

Music (Karaoke, Jam Sessions, Favorite Artist)

Food/Drinks (cooking, baking, cocktails)

Education (Study Buddy, Tutor)

Home Improvement (DIY, Plumbing, Electric)

Movies (Watch it together)

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SoHive has limitless potential, and can be used as a:

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Digital coffee shop

Meet people from around the world and talk about common interests.

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Neighborhood meet-up

Invite neighbors to a Hive to discuss neighborly interests.

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Sports club

Watch and share thoughts about favorite sports events.

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Parenting community

Share parenting tips and tricks as well as trials and tribulations.

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Caregiving community

Seek/offer support and share struggles and success strategies.

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On-line knowledge center

Teachers can teach, students can learn.

What makes SoHive different?

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    Drop-in Video

    SoHive offers drop-in video chat anytime from anywhere. Find the Hives that interest you and drop-in spontaneously, via a single button.

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    Global, Expert Users

    SoHive is available globally. Based on the Zoom platform, with all its rich features, hundreds of millions of people across the globe are already expert users.

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    Combat Loneliness

    Instead of just watching others’ social media activity, which has been proven to increase loneliness, socialize directly with others in a Hive through video and/or chat, at any time of day.

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    Always Open

    Unlike a coffee house or a club, Group Hives and Open Hives are always open, 24x7, every day of the year.

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Improve e-commerce and social media by making drop-in video universally accessible.

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Be the global leader in drop-in video to simplify people connecting through like interests and needs.

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Through innovation, we will foster spontaneous inclusion and collaboration globally.

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Deliver visual togetherness by simplifying communication, enabling global accessibility, and accelerating innovation.

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SoHive developers are buzzing with activity to enhance the platform.

  • Group Hives are live. Meet new people who share your interests.
  • Open Hives are live. Drop in anytime to talk about anything!

Stay tuned for exciting new features, due to be released shortly.